When an airline no longer wants a plane, it is sent away to a boneyard, a storage facility where it sits outdoors on a paved lot, wingtip to wingtip with other unwanted planes. 
新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677 当航空公司不再需要飞机时,飞机会被送往骨料厂,那是一个在户外铺设好的储存设施。所有的飞机会在那里首尾相连的排列好。

From the air, the planes look like the bleached remains of some long-forgotten skeleton. Europe’s biggest boneyard is built on the site of a late-30s airfield in Teruel, in eastern Spain, where the dry climate is kind to metallic airframes. 

Many planes are here for short-term storage, biding their time while they change owners or undergo maintenance. If their future is less clear, they enter long-term storage. Sometimes a plane’s limbo ends when it is taken apart, its body rendered efficiently down into spare parts and recycled metal.
新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677 许多飞机在这里都是短期存放的,他们在更换所有者或进行维护时会花一些时间。如果他们的未来不太清楚,则可以进入长期存储。有时,飞机的边缘消失时会消失,其机体会有效地分解成零配件和可回收金属。

Among all the industries hit by Covid-19, aviation suffered in several distinct ways.

In the depths of the flying freeze, in late April, 166 of KLM’s 204 planes were grounded. Instead of taking them to boneyards, KLM decided to keep them all at Schiphol – pulled up to the departure gates, or parked wing-to-wing in a zigzag pattern on one runway, after steel plates had been laid down so that the combined weight of the aircraft didn’t damage the tarmac.