Monsieur Dior may well have been turning in his grave yesterday.

新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677On his fashion house catwalk for next season were myriad takes on a relaxed drawstring waist.

在他下个季节所有的金沙网址国际平台 秀中,模特会穿着休闲的束腰带走出标志性的猫步。

This from the house that was built on that most notoriously waspish of midriffs, that of the 1947 New Look.

从1974年开始,一直以性感细腰为基准的金沙网址国际平台 秀换上新的面孔。

新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677 Both approaches represent a response to their times.


新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677The New Look was a rebellion against wartime restrictions.


新萄京娱乐场66696com,澳门新萄京官方网站67677What Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s creative director, has come up with for spring/summer ’21 is the luxury world’s answer to the coronawaist, that forgiving, elasticated style that has eased our pandemic pain, not to mention our wider waists.