Whenever I began to clean the house, my is to turn on my husband's PS3 and play my music folder (which contains a great variety of artists, might I add) but just a moment ago I grabbed a seat to take a little break and as I was sitting.

Chris Botti came on, the song, " You" and it relaxed me and I had become so comfortable in my seat that my mind away to a beautiful scene of a moment of mine back in time and right then I said to myself "This is what I love".

I love a peace of mind. I mean, you just can't buy that. I often find myself in the many moments I'm blessed to receive that provides my environment to be at ease.

And right now, I'm alone, the house has a wonderful in the air, the music is playing, the door is , the fan is on, the windows are open and the sun is shining so bright that it gives my place the perfect light. Aah!!! I love this feeling!

No one is calling me, knocking at my door and there is no loud and outside.

Then I started thinking, Lord, what did I do to deserve this moment? Never mind, I just want to enjoy it. Thank you Lord for allowing me this peaceful feeling of freedom. I hope all that maybe reading this can soon indulge in a pleasure such as this. There is nothing like it.